Aug 7, 2011


everynite im thinking about you.why? you know why?
because my heart have only you nurhafizah.that why i always miss you.but why?
wheres almost everyday we meet? because i always want your love with me.
but we always fight now.em for what?why we can't be like other people.i always make u sad.i always make angry.i always errrrr!!!! im stupid, i can't take care of you .i do not accept what it is you. em i too much control you. emm sorry dear.i want you to know that i always love you. this for you sorry maybe after this,i not control you again.i want you move freely.dont not mean anything.i just want you happy with me.i dont let you are part of my life.i want sleep with you.i want always with you.emm sayang jage kite betul2 :( kite da tade orang lain selain awak