Nov 14, 2010

to you.

babe, in the life of me, you're the best.
sometimes I think I'm not for you.
but, you're what makes me happy.
so if I loose you,
He was the biggest mistake in life I am.
next month you're going to stay me.
very sad. why when I already love you, all this happened.
why before this I couple, they do not go far from me. why should you.
You know, I never think this kind when others stayed me.
why when with you I feel like this? hm maybe I too love you.
What type of boy I continue to live without you here.
maybe I'll miss you so damn much. but not forever I will miss you.
I need to see the face you. see you smile. joke you hear the sound. because it was all was the one who always strengthens me when I want to do anything.