Nov 10, 2010


We have five months along. many obstacles we faced reply.
but no one can separate them. because we have promised to keep this relationship right. I do not think we remain to this day. Because the initial period beginning before I just want to know the crew, but I feel like there is something on you that I need to know. and now I know what da real. it is the sincerity of your heart. you make me happy. very happy. I never feel happy like this before I knew you. you changed my life so perfect man. without the crew who was my right. I need you right in life.
thank you for coming in my life. are you the most expensive property in my life .. If I already have no future. I want you keep me in your heart. promise ok. and remember one thing. I always say at u it. hm I love you sincerely.

i love u NUR Fazira. forever.